Made-to-measure range of the bioethanol fires.

Contemporary Fire is part of the made-to-measure range of bluefires. Its simple layout makes it versatile and adaptable for a large variety of fireplace applications.
comtemporary fire is an automatic built-in burner with a continuous, linear flame tray which can be manufactured in any dimensions.

Automatic burners have six flame levels (1-5 & eco) and can be operated with a remote control or via Bluetooth and App and be integrated in a Smart Home System.

Offering a maximum of creative freedom and in addition to the classic linear form, contemporary fire can be sculptured in various shapes e.g. along an in- or outside corner, in a U-bend or like an elegantly meandering wavy curve.

The optional tempered glass shield is protecting the flames from draught while keeping them vivid.


Each custom-made fireplace comes with a personalized technical drawing, installation instructions and a user manual. Installation is easy and does indeed only take minutes if the wall cut-out has been prepared in line with our instructions.

We recommend installation once all decoration work and cleaning has been finalized.
Powder-coated aluminum in black. Optionally, brushed stainless steel or any RAL color.
  • Made-to-measure;
  • Extra glass screens;
  • External fuel tank;
  • Can be intergrated in made to measure built-in fireplaces;
  • RAL colors and brushed stainless steel finish
  • TV temp. sensor;
  • Smart home connection.
  • e-Ribbon™ technology;
  • LCD touch Display;
  • Bluetooth / App control;
  • Remote Control;
  • 1-5 & eco flame levels;
  • Safety sensors;
  • Steel baseplate;
  • Black or brushed stainless steel finish;
  • 80mm front glass screen;
  • Sleep Timer;
  • Safety chamber;
  • Flame tray length: 500 – 5000mm.




Made-to-measure automatic fireplaces with e-Ribbon fire™ come together with integrated Bluetooth / App, a remote control and a funnel.


Use only bioethanol with a minimum of 96% alcohol and a maximum of 97.5%.